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Green Guide 2010



It is a pleasure to be publishing another annual Green Guide – our third – particularly in the depths of the worst recession Spain has ever seen.

While we are extremely busy working on our sister publication the Olive Press (, it is important to all the team to work on and promote what we love best about Spain: Its natural beauty.

The country is quite simply the most diverse in Europe. And while developers and politicians have had a good go at ruining large parts of it, you can thankfully still escape to various areas of near wilderness, as Greenpeace boss Juanjo points out. It is not for nothing that bears, lynxes and golden eagles are still around in pockets of the peninsula.

We hope the Green Guide gives you some ideas, tips and inspiration for the year ahead.

Published: 2010


  • An Eco Holiday in Andalucia
  • Organic Eateries
  • My Wild Savage Home by Chris Stewart
  • Walking Across Andalucia
  • Beat The Heat
  • Eco-Retreat Yourself
  • Aquaculture – No Need To Go Green Around The Gills
  • Inspector Gadget
  • Green Pages – Comprehensive Listings of Environmentally Friendly Companies, Products and Services

Click ‘Download’ for the PDF version of the publication

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