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All About Andalucia is part of Luke Stewart Media which produces The Olive Press newspaper, The Best English newspaper in Southern Spain, according to the Rough Guide and voted Spain’s best expat newspaper in London’s TESCA poll of 27,000 people.


All About Andalucia is the site for readers of our Spain’s travel guides and all travel-related stories and features. Published in The Olive Press every fortnight and available to download. Full of local interest , ideas and advise.


FOR the traveller and tourist alike, a guidebook can be an invaluable tool, offering an insight into a town or region and providing tips and advice about how to access the hidden treasures that lie within.

However, all too often, traditional guidebooks are filled with outdated facts and information, while failing to capture the real essence or soul of a place – written as they so often are by out-of-town carpetbagger hacks, commissioned by head office often a million miles away.

Ever been to a restaurant recommended in your guidebook only to find it has closed down? Or a hotel selection that has become awash with cockroaches or turned into a brothel? Maybe it was a new attraction that you spotted from your bus window on your way back to the airport? We rest our case.

All About Andalucia offers  you a refreshing alternative.

Written exclusively by our team of professional journalists and writers actually living in Andalucia, they are up-to-date magazine-style supplements full of useful information, tips, ideas and our own personal recommendations on where to eat and stay. They are updated regularly and need your feedback.

Coming in the format as downloadable ‘pdf’ documents, which can be printed or kept on your computer, phone or tablet, the All About Andalucia Insider Guides offer a real taste of what this spectacularly beautiful region has to offer the inquisitive and adventurous traveller.

From the Alpujarras to Marbella; from the Subbética to the Sierra Nevada; from Malaga to the Sherry Triangle – the All About Andalucia Insider Guides offer you not a directory but a dégustation; a flavour of Andalucia.

If you are planning a holiday or trip to Andalucia, arm yourself with the best local knowledge available and get the inside track by ordering one or more All About Andalucia Insider Guides. 


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