Antonio Banderas launching a world-class theatre project in his hometown of Malaga

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THE actor Antonio Banderas has been given the green light to establish his long-sought after theatre project.antonio-banderas

The Alameda Theatre in Malaga is set to be the venue after Banderas reached an agreement with owners Jesus and Carlos Sánchez Ramade.

Banderas is set to reveal exact details about the exciting project over the next couple of months as he looks to attract private funding for the theatre.

in Malaga

However – the redevelopment is believed to include a new amphitheatre with two rooms, classrooms for aspiring professional actors and actresses and a space for social functions.

The aim of the modernisation is to boost the reputation of Malaga as a hub for arts and culture in Spain.

Banderas was born in 1960 and was part of the ARA Theatre School and the College of Dramatic Art in Malaga during his youth.

The actor was delighted to announce the news after receiving opposition earlier this year to original plans to re-develop the Astoria and Victoria cinemas in Malaga for the project.

Banderas remarked he had been “dreaming for too long” about the project.

“It will allow us to consolidate a solid and attractive theatre project that takes root in the city, and is firmly incorporated into the cultural movement that has been underway for several years,” he added.

The Mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre was delighted with the news.

“I thought it was great news, great news for Malaga.”

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