AIR HEADS: Marbella air cleanest in Spain’s Andalucia, new report says

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DESPITE Gemma and Arg’s loved-up moped rides, Marbella has been revealed to have the best air quality in Andalucia.

The annual report from the Air Quality Surveillance and Control Network in Andalucia found that in 2018 Marbs had the region’s cleanest air.

Research carried out in cities of more than 100,000 people showed that the home of the rich and famous had the lowest ozone levels.

It was also the second-best in terms of sulphur dioxide emissions, while its strong performance was in line with previous years’ results.

Average readings from 88 of the airflow meters across Spain’s southernmost region were compiled from readings taken eight hours per day.

QUALITY: Marbella air found to be cleanest in Andalucia

Although Algeciras is notorious for pollution, the city came second for clean air after Marbella, while the region capital Sevilla was third.

“Official studies consider that ozone and sulfur dioxide are two of the most harmful gases and are related to cardiovascular problems, so they must be controlled,” said Baldomero Leon, who lead the study.

The good news comes despite Marbella still drawing the gas-guzzling supercars and megayachts of Hollywood stars and the international elite.

But the city has made some ‘green’ improvements recently, with the completion of three ‘vertical gardens’.

Built this year, the €150,000 project saw ‘living walls’ adorned to bridges, car parks and other busy areas.

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