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THE Junta de Andalucia has raked in over €1 million from non-EU visitors at attractions like Ronda’s Arab Baths, new figures have revealed.

Malaga’s Roman Theatre saw the biggest spend by non-EU visitors

Malaga’s Roman Theatre brought in the most money in 2018 at €542,787, while the Archaeological Dolmens of Antequera raised €320,415.


Dolmens in Antequera

Meanwhile the Malaga Museum saw €217,277 in box office fees, Ronda’s Arab Baths, €92,379 and the city’s Ruins of Acinipo, €2,288.

Ronda baths are a big tourist magnet

These cultural sites charge an entry fee of €1.50 for non-EU citizens who make up 9% of all visitors.

The total raised by the Junta last year came to €1,195,744.50.

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