The latest on Spain’s upcoming airport strikes… and it’s good news

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TALKS aimed at ending planned airport strikes across Spain are set to continue next week.airport-strike

It comes after negotiations to bring an end to the saga continued yesterday.

Trade unions UGT, CC.OO and USO had been threatening 25 days of strikes at airports across the country.

AENA, Enaire and the unions agreed to postpone the call for strikes again on Thursday, but have set a deadline to reach an agreement by the end of the month.

The groups will meet on Tuesday.

The trade union groups say they feel progress has been made.

But CCOO boss Francisco Javier Casado has warned that strikes will be called in all Spanish airports by the end of October if this month’s talks break down.

The strikes, which were due to begin next Friday, have been postponed for the time being.

The unions are asking for pay rises of around 8%.

They also want to recover many of the workforce lost through retirement and early retirement: 250 positions in Enaire and 450 in AENA.

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