Costa de la Luz: See the light
July 25, 2018
Costa de la Luz: Capital of light
July 27, 2018

THE pungent scent of tuna is wafting down the street from the salting factory, while toga-clad townsfolk make their way to the forum to shop and socialise.

It’s mid morning, and maybe later – in the heat of the day – they will duck for cover and chill out at the town’s spa, punish a few slaves and then treat the wife to a show at the theatre.

Picture the scene at Baelo Claudia 1,800 years ago, at that time one of Spain’s most important Roman settlements.

The ruined Roman city on the beachfront at Bolonia, a ten minute drive west of Tarifa, had a booming economy back in 2AD, based on its fish salting industry.

Today, at this reconstructed living museum, you can walk the cobbled streets, explore ol